Butterfly Genes and Tassels

Have I ever talked about my blog friend Heather? I don't recall where I read about her first but learning about her has been one of the best things that has happened to me in the blogosphere.

Never having met her in person, there are a few assumptions I have to make. Those assumptions are gleened from reading her sweet blog and interacting with her via email. I know - you never really "know" someone you meet online but I often think that 95% of the people online are the same - or pretty close to the same - as they are in person. With that assumption in mind and from everything I've seen, Heather is one of those people I wish I could meet in person. Hang out with, drink coffee with, chat up a storm...and we would...

In addition to coming across as warm, funny, sweet, giving, caring and kind, Heather loves her husband and son and adores her puppies. Even more so, she respects her husband and whenever I come across that in a woman, I KNOW I've met a good one.

She is a follower of Jesus, a Christian woman living her life as Christ has called her to live it and I am really enjoying learning more about her, getting to know her and... oh yeah... buying her tassels!
Did I mention she makes tassels?

Oh... she makes tassels. And I have had the privilege of purchasing four of them. Three of them I've kept, one is going to be part of a gift. Have you discovered tassels yet? Let me tell you...until I purchased my first one (from the Nester... this was Before Heather or "BH") I had absolutely no idea I needed tassels. Not an inkling.

Now? Now I can't imagine my home without one of these fluffy, fringe adorned beauties. Not all of my tassels are bird related but they are my favorites so far. Enough talk. Click on over to Heather's Etsy shop and get shopping.

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HeathahLee said...

Oh, Bonnie! You're making me cry and smile all in the same moment! :`)

Thank you so much for the sweet endorsement. I feel the same way about you...would love to sit and talk with you, preferably on your side of the country (it's reaching 100 here)! : )