400 Posts

I figured for such a milestone, I should do something. But...I'm not really in a creative mode right now so nothing exciting or interesting is coming to mind. I think, though, what I will do is start planning for post #500. I have an idea... I'll see if I can make it work.

In the meantime, for post #400, I thought I'd share a few pictures of the decorations floating around my home for 4th of July. I realized, as I was snapping these photos, that I need to do some picking up around this place. Not cleaning, per se but... picking up. We have a tendency to pile in this house and we also have the tendency to do 1/2 of a job and then get distracted by something and then come back, etc. A few of these pictures had to be cropped to leave out the "in process" topiary I'm making, the ironing board and the scissors & glue on the coffee table...

It's almost as if we live each day as if there wasn't going to be some sort of impromptu photo shoot. Weird.

Anyhow... hope you enjoy the decorations. I know I enjoyed decorating for the 4th. Always have loved the red/white/blue color combination.

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