To Cook or Not to Cook

With Aaron starting a new job, we have to adjust to a new routine. All we know right now is he will be in one location for at least the month of June. July is up in the air - will they move him or leave him where he is? In addition to that, he doesn't have "set" days of the week off (he worked two days, was off one day, then works two more, off another one and then not off again for 5 days after that...) so we won't know until the beginning of each month, when that month's schedule is published, when he will be around. Finally, the commute is radically different. We were quite spoiled. Neither one of us has had a freeway commute in over 5 years. Seven for Aaron. Eleven for me. He had the bigger commute of the two of us - 4 miles to his store. Now? It's taking him an hour to get to work and coming home is a mystery, too. One day is 30 minutes, the next 50...

With all of that said, one of the adjustments we have made is in regard to dinner. I'm cooking now. It does not make me happy, trust me. For years I've said the same thing - I can cook, I'm capable of cooking and when I do cook something, it's pretty good. However - I don't like to cook. It's just not my idea of a good time. I know - most women who hear that statement gasp in horror and then try to cover it up with a bit of nervous laughter.

Can't help it.

Cooking isn't in my genes. Now baking? Baking I love to do. That love I inherited from my Nana and if I had the time (and the fortitude to exercise), I'd be baking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bakerella is my heroine.

Cooking, though, is an entirely different animal and I don't like it.

Since, however, I seem to be doomed to the kitchen for the forseeable future, I decided now was an opportunity. I'm going to go through all of those recipes I've been collecting. I'm going to figure out which recipes are keepers and which recipes I can toss in the recycle bin. When I started planning out my first week's menu I realized that with everything I've been collecting over the years? We may never again eat the same dinner twice.

Then I thought - with sheer volume like that, how am I ever going to keep track of what was good (really, really good = repeatable) and how do I rank the recipe? So...I have this little blog. I don't have much in the way of readership, that's for sure and before I go any further - know that increasing readership is not my motivation. However - I will say this. If you stumble across this place, if you try one of my "we LOVED that" recipes and you figure out a way to make it better? Please share. I'll be up front and tell you this - I'm not a "play in the kitchen" kind of person. I'm going to take these recipes and I'm going to follow them. They'll be winners or losers on their merit - not because of anything I do to them. I was thinking about this last night because the first recipe I can tell you I'm NOT going to share here was a recipe for "Easy Beef Stroganoff" and it was a crock pot recipe.

With Aaron having yesterday off, he went ahead and did the cooking although he used the recipe I had found (since I had planned out meals before I knew when he'd have days off, this was what was on the list for Thursday. Lifegroup night. Had to be simple and feed at least 6. Stroganoff fit the bill). Have to tell you, though - he tweaked it. A LOT. It was the only way to make it edible. I don't have pictures (sorry - blogging didn't occur to me until much later) but I will for future recipes.

So... starting with this upcoming week's dinners, I'm going to start documenting my foray into the world of cooking.

Who knows. Maybe I'll have an epiphany and realize I'm head over heels for this cooking thing.

Ok - the thought of that was so hysterical to me I actually snorted.

We'll see.

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