Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart

Aaron. How do I write this post about Aaron? Five years ago today I stood in front of our family and friends and promised to love him. To respect him. To submit to him as the church submits to Christ.

At 38 years old, I really didn't think a day like that would have ever happened for me. I was 18 when I married my first husband, we separated when I was 20 and made our divorce final a few years after that. I spent the next 16 years raising my son as a single mom. A few long term relationships, a lot of failed dates and all of that ick in between and I really figured a second marriage was not going to happen for me. When I gave my life to Christ, I continued thinking the same thing - believing I had to live with the consequences of all I had done (No - not punishment. I knew I was forgiven in Christ but I also know there are consequences for what we do.) and the consequences for all of my previous mistakes was a life of singleness.

Then, in all that I was reading in the Bible and learning, I realized I didn't really believe that. That was just my excuse for hiding from dating again. Men - and my choice of them - were something I didn't WANT in my life. It was my fighting it, not God's keeping it from me.

I did not believe that good, Godly single men who wouldn't be either too old or too young for me existed. I also believed I was far too ugly and tainted and... well... you get the idea. I wasn't good enough.
Then Aaron came into my life and when he did, there was so much going on that created an incredible amount of stress for me. He was my oasis. He was the sweetest, gentlest, kindest, smartest man I had ever met. He fell for me (hard...) and I did the same.

One year to the day of our first meeting, we stood before our friends and family and promised to stay together until one of us dies. There isn't a man on this planet I have met since to whom I would be willing to make that same promise.
It's not just that Aaron cooks (cooks well AND likes to cook!) or holds the door open for me (insists on it, actually). It's that he's funny and makes me laugh so hard sometimes I cry. It's that he is so patient and good with our son. He teaches Christopher, he doesn't order him about. I, on the other hand, am a drill sergeant. Thank goodness Christopher gets a break with his dad! It's that he works so hard and doesn't complain. He works when he's sick. He brings me roses. He listens to me. He loves to check out garage sales. He lets me drive when we're going places. He sends me away with my friends for girls' weekends because he knows I need them. He doesn't question me when I shop a bit more than I should (Online shopping is DANGEROUS for a woman who hates to go to the mall!!). He gives the dog his bath.

Above all of that, though. First and foremost. My husband loves Jesus. My husband worships God. My husband turns to his Father first before he does anything. My husband puts me before every other person on earth but he puts God before me and that... that is why I love my husband. That is why I would marry him again today if he asked me and that is why we will be together until death do us part.

Happy Anniversary, Aaron. I am so honored God chose me for you.

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