Preparing for...

The 4th of July, of course. And as I am just about every day anymore, I found myself thankful and amazed at the talented women who blog. They share their creativity and brilliance with not only others of amazing talent but those of us whom God choose to endow with gifts other than creativity and artistic savvy.

I am not at all creative or artistic but I am most definitely capable of appreciating all those who are. Tonight, this beautiful bunting graces my living room window and it is all because a lovely woman named Hillary was kind and generous (and Lovely and Gracious) enough to share her creation with us. Freely offering it up to anyone who wants to use it for their own personal enjoyment

Here is what it looks like in my living room. If you decide to make it, post pictures and let me know. I'd love to see it. If you don't, enjoy mine and have a wonderful 4th of July!

This is Aaron hanging it up for me. My husband, by the way, is ingenious. Any guesses as to how it's hanging from my curtains without using pins or tape?

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HeathahLee said...

Hmmm...I got nothin'. : ) What did he hang it with?

It's too cute, by the way!