Lemon & Herb Crock Pot Roasted Chicken

I found this recipe here. One word. Yum. I can't wait to try more from her awesome site - I LOVE my crockpot!!

This chicken IS as delicious as Stephanie said it would be. I can't begin to tell you. The only thing that I would add to what she puts on her site? Pay attention to that sentence where she writes: "keep an eye on it and check the doneness after 6 or 7 hours"... We had to leave it cook for a full 10 hours (the long end of the cooking range) and it had started to stray into the dried out realm of cooked chicken-hood. It actually made me very, very sad because the flavor was so amazing.

One last bit of "add" to it: make it a very big head of garlic. Dreammmmmmy!!!



one thawed and skinned whole chicken (Ok - doing this? It was my first time skinn' a chicken and it wasn't horrible but it's not something I'd want to do on a weekly basis!! I can't imagine plucking one of them. My grandmother had to do that when she was young. Ick!)

1 head of garlic

2 lemons

salt & pepper

a bunch of fresh rosemary (yes - she actually put "a bunch" in her recipe)


After you skin the chicken, rub it inside and out with a bunch of salt & pepper. Plop it in the crockpot.

Then, get yourself a wonderful helper if you don't have a quick garlic peeler 'cause a whole head of garlic takes a bit of time... and...

Peel your garlic and shove a bunch of the whole cloves into the bird cavity and throw some more on top and around the chicken.

Slice the lemon and put slices on top, around and inside the bird.

Wash the rosemary and do the same. If you are using dried rosemary, use a good amount (probably 2-3 tblspn. of dried herbs).

This is what mine looked like in the crockpot. I took this picture in my fridge because I forgot to take one before I moved it:

Do not add water. Cook on low for 8-10 hours.

Enjoy! Did I say Yum??

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