Thanksgiving 2009

Today is Thanksgiving. For various reasons, this Thanksgiving has catapulted me back to thinking about this holiday several years ago when a careless comment by a family member had my son and I spending Thanksgiving alone while the rest of the family was in California together. That comment wounded me deeply, even causing me to not speak to that family member for three months.

This year, what has happened has again left me reeling and my heart feels like it has been stomped on. A lot. And hard. The difference this time is my faith in God. My belief that no matter how terrible it looks right now, He can redeem it. He can make it better. If He chooses. I wonder what Thanksgiving 2010 will look like - will it be better? worse?

I'm not 100% sure what He is trying to teach me this time. I have a few ideas but He hasn't settled me on anything in particular as of yet. I also know it is probable I'm not the only person He is refining through this and I may have to wait until they are where He wants them to be before I find out what He wants from me. In the meantime, I will continue to trust in Him and remain joyful (that one is tough) and try to be gracious (that one is REALLY tough).

While I wait, I pray your Thanksgiving is full of joy, laughter and total delight. Eat too much. Nap a bit. Eat more pie. And thank God for the bounty ~ both the food and the company. Glorify He who has provided such a wonderful time and amazing food. Be blessed.

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