Life Threatening

A friend of ours is fighting a life-threatening infection right now. He has an epidural abscess. Everything that I've read online does not look good. Bruce is not a believer (as far as I know) and is pretty scared (I would be, too and I am a believer). How hard it is to be a believer and watch a non-believer brush death's hand, knowing that if death grabs hold... The heart ache, the heartbreak. The reason why I won't stop sharing the gift of the cross until I draw my last breath.

Even if he beats the infection, he has a good chance of having to deal with permanent nerve damage. He may survive the infection to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Right now I'm grateful for this small box which allows me to send this information out to many, many people at one time. It means a lot of people praying over Bruce very quickly.

If you happen to think of Bruce in the next several days, could you please ask God to send him a miracle? Or two. Or three. We're all feeling a bit nervous right now.

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