Green - Ted Dekker

Since the first time I read "Blink" I have been a Ted Dekker fan. His imagination boggles my mind and I know I'm going for a wild ride the moment I open one of his books.

In Green we have the continuation of his Circle series. Or is is the start of the Circle series? It is called "the beginning and the end" and he definitely brings you back to the beginning after weaving his story of "good vs. evil" to its climax... or is it?

Since I had already read Black, Red and White, its hard to know for sure but I don't think I would have enjoyed Green as much if I wasn't already familiar with the story. Dekker doesn't spend too much time developing characters and without the historical knowledge, the story can be confusing or seem incomplete in places.

Thomas of Hunter must somehow keep the Circle from fracturing as everyone begins to question just what they believe of Elyon (God). His oldest son, Samuel, leads the rebellion against Thomas (and ultimately Elyon), rallying those in the Circle to turn their backs on their faith and follow him in a plan to destroy the Horde. As evil makes its move to control earth, those who have followed Elyon wonder if he is actually going to save them. It looks like the story will culminate in an epic battle and I have to admit - some of what Dekker writes here was graphic enough to make me a bit squeamish - but the battle isn't the end of the story.

Ultimately, Green kept pulling me back and I would give it "4 stars." I couldn't wait to sit down and read it even though there were parts I could have lived without. A great story and some incredible imagery but my recommendation would be to read the other three first and finish with Green.

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