The Difference A Week Can Make

Have you ever had one of those days when you were pretty sure someone took the world-shaped rug you've been standing on forever and yanked it out from under your feet?

That was Thursday, October 1st, for my family. Words and sentences and sympathy came flying at us and while we tried not to drown under the news, it was a bit tough gasping for air. I can't speak for anyone else but I know all I could think - over and over and over again - was God has NOT stepped off of His throne, this was not a surprise to Him and He is the same today as He was yesterday and He will be the same tomorrow... next week.... and on and on.

Yes - I thought all of that in just that run-on kind of sentence way. I repeated it to myself and to the main subject of the devastating news. Over and over and over... It was an intense, emotional relief to realize I believed it, too. It helped the days pass by, sleep come and made eating possible. The sun rose every day and God remained on His throne. Our news had not thrown Him for a looop.

A couple of whirlwind days, an appointment and major surgery later, suddenly the news is MUCH better than expected. The spectre of death has been returned to its normal "there but not really" place in all of our lives. There will be treatment, there will be interrupted schedules but the disease will not win the war. It was barely allowed to show up for the battle.

The amazing thing is that while God sat on His throne, He took the time to reach down to our pitiful little family and remind us just how great a God He is. Miracle after miracle came on the heal of our devastation and... well...things feel MUCH different from the initial news to the post-op news. The sun is brighter, birds sing prettier, traffic isn't quite as irritating... ok... wait... that last one hasn't really changed... People are friendlier, though - or maybe, perhaps, we have been able to climb out of our shells and notice.

Shock is a funny thing. Concern is an all-encompassing emotion. Life throws some doozy curve balls.

Despite it all... God is still on His throne and none of this is a surprise to Him. All Praise be to God!

I'm linking this to Emily's place today. She hosts Tuesdays Unwrapped and asks us to share that small, special gift we might not normally notice. It's my first time participating and the gifts are most definitely not small but there were a million small gifts wrapped up with the big ones. I'd sing it from the mountaintops if I could but... since I can't, I'll link-sing.


dawn said...


"It was an intense, emotional relief to realize I believed it, too."

One of the blessings of trials in my opinions is learning that our faith is REAL.

Glad things are looking up. Keep up the battle in the mind...you go girl.

thegypsymama said...

I'll "link-sing" - I love that! It sounds like there was certainly MUCH worth singing about. We sing with you; thanks for sharing your your joy!