Oregon Weekend

We had such a wonderful time last weekend. We celebrated Aaron's Aunt Grace's 90th birthday and about 35 family members, many of whom haven't seen each other for decades, were together under one roof. I actually left my camera in my purse on Saturday. There were so many photographers floating around it felt a bit papparazzi-ish. I left myself out of the fray.

I do, however, have a few shots we took "out the van window" as we traveled south. I love fall - there is so much in the way of bright, beautiful colors - even along the freeway.

It rained like no tomorrow all the way south. You can get a general idea of the wind we enjoyed from this picture.

After Aunt Grace's party, we hopped in the van and headed down to my brother's place and spent Saturday night and Sunday visting him and his family. How I love spending time with them! I wish they lived closer and I could visit with them more often. My sister-in-law and I took my nephew out to a farm so he could take pictures with his photography class. On the way back, I snapped a couple of farm shots (I'm not a very good photographer - sorry about that!).

Finally, I have to share the bounty of our trip to the pumpkin farm. When my brother suggested my sister-in-law stop and check out the "big pumpkins" at a farm they'd passed on one of their rides, my ears perked, my interest was piqued... I was all for it. When we arrived, I think I was shocked - I didn't think in terms of "blog photography" and didn't take a single picture at the farm. Next year... Here, however are the results of that trip....

The first pumpkin was 108 lbs. Weighed more than that dog (she's there for 'perspective'). The darker pumpkin is mine, she only weighs 80 lbs. Never thought I would be able to say I was the skinnier of the two...
Our trip was full of fun, family and awesome memory-making moments. I can't wait to get back!

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