Random Snow Thoughts

The view out my office window Monday AM

It snowed today.  It will probably snow quite a bit today.  It wasn't snowing when I left for work so I drove myself.  Crazy monkey lady.  I had to drive my van home at 9AM.  I live less than 2 miles away.  My boss came to get me and we were back here by 10AM.  One hour for less than 4 miles. 

We don't know how to deal with snow out here.  I know I don't.  I'm a total panic-crazed nut.  I know I shouldn't be on the road hence I do everything I possibly can to make sure I'm not.

It's only November 22nd.  What's it doing snowing anyway?  I live in Washington State.  The Pacific Northwest.  We don't GET snow.  WE get rain.

God is in a humorous mood, apparently...

I'm not sure I can match His humor, though.  Even if I do try.  I'm over 40 and snow still panics me beyond imagination.  What is with that?  I'd rather be put in a box with a thousand spiders than be in a car when it's snowing.  Or when there is snow on the road.

Out my living room window Monday PM

Snow is beautiful and I do love how it makes everything look.  It is so calming and peaceful to watch it fall.  As long as I'm in my home, fire going, dog curled up at my feet and husband & son wrestling on the floor.  THAT'S how I love snow.

Any other way?  You can keep it.  You can have it.  Even from the time I was little I never liked playing in the snow.  A bit of a prima dona, I never liked being cold OR wet and combine them, well... that left me out.

Hopefully it melts enough so we can all head up to Mom & Dad's on Thursday.  Just what I'm bringing to share could feed a small army so we need the full small army to show up.

Here's praying God finds something else to amuse Himself before Thursday...

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