My oh My

Dave Niehaus died tonight.  He was 75 years old, suffered a heart attack in his home and is gone. 

He was the Voice of the Mariners.  Baseball.  From their first game in 1977, Dave had broadcasted almost every  game in the Mariners' 34 seasons. 

He is the only Mariner to have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Dave-isms are a part of Mariner's baseball.  Anyone who has ever heard him broadcast a game has heard him say "My oh My," "Fly away" and "Grandma, get out the mustard & the rye bread..." (because that's a grand salami) or variations there-of and there are just so many others, I can't even begin to cover them here.

He IS the voice of the Mariners and replacing him will be impossible.  As one fan put it tonight - and it is oh so true - listening to the radio will never be the same.  Listening to a game will never be the same.

He had an amazing voice, a love of baseball (only exceeded by his love for his family and EVERYONE knew that!) and a way with turning a baseball game into a story.  You wanted to be in the booth with him and take that ride right by his side.

Words can't express how much he will be missed.  First, Harry Kalas and now Dave Niehaus.  The voices of baseball I've heard my whole life have been silenced.  How quiet - and a bit more dull - the world seems today.

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