Mother's Day

I know - I'm a few days late posting about Mother's Day but honestly, it's been an odd year. So here I am hoping all the Mothers out there had a wonderful day. In reading through my favorite blogs the last few days it sure appears they did.

Mother's Day at my house went as I hoped it would (at least the bulk of it did). My oldest son and his girlfriend came over and worked, worked, worked. Youngest son also worked, worked, worked. The garden weeds were cleared, soil tilled and plants planted. We now have strawberries, blueberries, peas, tomatoes, zuchinni, broccoli and spinach planted and growing. Hopefully it will mean a summer bounty of fresh vegetables and fruit to enjoy.

With Aaron being one of the millions of unemployed right now, I didn't want "stuff." It was simply wonderful to spend the day with my entire family, working together in the yard and getting things done.

As always, my camera didn't make its way out until things were done. So... no pictures of people working their tails off but...I do have pictures of the garden and the one gift I was suprised with - Lindor truffles. mmmmmmm... a planted garden, knock off Red Robin chicken finger salad and truffles. How much better could the day get than that?

I hope you all had as beautiful a day as I did! Happy Mother's Day.

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