A week ago Saturday, one of my oldest friends hosted a bbq celebrating birthdays for 3 people I hold incredibly dear and myself. We, the four of us, are always "The Ladies" in my mind. It is a name we were given almost ten years ago on one of our numerous Girls' Weekends. Four friends, loving each other deeply and completely, even when life takes us away from one another for long, long periods of time. Somehow, we come back together as if no time at all has occurred. They are wonderful women, women I love with feeling beyond words. May there be many more years to celebrate birthdays together (all close - 4/22, 28, 30 & 5/15).

Happy Birthday To Us - Barb, Laurie, Liz and Bonnie. The Ladies.

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Parsley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend. You deserve all the happiness in the world.