Thankful Thursday - Changes

Iris at Grace Alone... is back to hosting Thankful Thursdays. Welcome back, Iris and it sounds like you've had an eventful month. Thank you, Lori, for allowing us to "click up" at your place and keep Thankful Thursdays going while Iris was away. I didn't participate last week and this week I'm still a little fuzzy but it's amazing how odd I feel when I don't sit down and type out what I'm thankful for each week. I feel like a part of me is missing and I'm not quite as focused as I should be.

Iris has listed Changes for her topic this week. There hasn't been a lot of that going on in my life right now and honestly? That's probably a good thing. I know I've mentioned that I somehow started dealing with a "chronic sinus" problem about a year ago and how I've been more sick more often than I can ever recall being in my life. Well, the problem came back in October (left me alone for about 3 months) and it hasn't left. This time, though, the bug has decided to investigate other parts of my body and my lungs are infected. Joy of joys.

So... this week...

I am thankful for air. For breath. For knowing that at some point in time, this will get figured out and I will be able to breathe normally again.

I am thankful for my husband. This dear, dear, wonderful man who caught a cold, too and needs to rest and sleep, too but somehow knows when I need it more and picks up the slack. He is so incredibly wonderful to me.

I am thankful for my work. For co-workers who care more about my getting well than work falling behind. For being so understanding when I have to take off for emergency x-rays and don't get to come back to the office until the next day.

I am thankful for friends who are praying for me, knowing that it is only in God's timing that I'm going to be well.

I am thankful for my doctor who isn't making me sit around and wait while he decides to get aggressive. This bug isn't reacting in the normal way so he's geting pro-active in killing it off.

I am thankful for God in heaven who protects me when I'm driving (and shouldn't be...), clears my schedule and stays with me as my body is wracked by another round of coughing. It is only with His strength and comfort that I can get up each day.

Now...don't get sick!!!!! :)



Denise said...

Lifting you up in my prayers dear.

Tammy said...

Oh what a wonderful thing to be able to praise and thank God even in the midst of trials and sickness. Pray you feel better soon!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

awwww...what a beautiful post! I was really LATE doing my Thankful Thursday because of the funeral and that just threw off my whole day! LOL I felt so much better writing it and posting it!

I so hope you get to feeling better! I did the sinus problems for a YEAR as well and then found out I was allergic to milk. Allergic like I'm am to mold or ragweed, it gives me sinus infections. Weird huh?

Lynn said...

Wow, you sound like you have had a time of it. Praying you are better today. I love your photo in the side-bar by the way. God bless and have a wonderful Friday. Hugs, Lynn

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Oh Sweet Sister,
I am standing in faith with you that your sickness leaves your body.
I didn't know you'd been ill.
May the Lord bless you and heal you.