Random Things and the Leelou Launch Party - More!!!

Today we have C2's conference with his teacher. I'm praying it goes well but it never ceases to amaze me the things that are happening in school that we as parents don't learn about until conference day.

Part of me wishes the teacher would send home an agenda. That way, when they hit you with "his music teacher is having difficulty getting him to settle down while in class and considers him a major disruption" you can respond with something other than the deer in the headlights look, the plastered smile and a "We'll talk to him about that as soon as we get home."

It would be oh so helpful to be able to get your child's side of the story, too, so you're prepared with questions when you get in there. I don't know about you but if I ask my 8 year old boy if there is anything going on with any of his teachers, in any of his classes, etc. that I need to know about I get a firm "nope" and nothing more.

Anyone have any great ideas for an easy but very effective fundraiser? I have a huge opportunity to help an organization fighting human trafficking but I have less than 3 weeks to put something together. I am just not THAT talented. Well - I could put something together but could I get people to show up? That's the tough part... Ideas & thoughts are most welcome!

They keep rolling out new stuff over at Leelou. Hopefully you're checking it out and entering. Or...if not... keep hoping I win!! They have some awesome stuff over there!

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