Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins...

I'm home resting today, trying to lose this silly fall cold that has me in its icky grip. I was supposed to be out at Ocean Shores with several girlfriends as it's girls' weekend so I'm pouting just a bit because I have to miss that.

My oldest son comes home with his girlfriend (who is incredibly sweet) and they're just hanging out for the day. C1 cooked breakfast (an awesome cook) then C1 & 2 started a fire. As the sun came out and the day got prettier & prettier, I said they should go out and do something - take advantage of the beautiful weather because it is sure to end. It's fall in the great Northwest. It's not a matter of "if" it will rain, it's a matter of will it stop raining...

Then I suggest heading out to a local pumpkin farm. That idea went over really well so oldest son, youngest son and girlfriend head out to pick up some pumpkins, pet a few goats, feed some chickens, ooh & ahh over the piglets (born 10/01/08) and whatever else the farm offered.

They came home and got to work on their treasures...

And I now have these on my front porch:

As well as this one:

I'm pretty sure we're set with pumpkins for the year. They made my day, though. All that feeling sorry for myself went out the window when I watched them work on their pumpkin and listened to them laugh and joke with each other. There hasn't been a more perfect fall day. Ever.

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Melanie said...

Thanks for visiting me last week, Bonnie!

I love the pictures of the pumpkins... fall is my favorite time of year!

Hope you're feeling better soon.