This morning started our church's annual NBC (VBS as most folks know it). We call it Neighborhood Bible Club instead of Vacation Bible School and it works a little differently. Instead of inviting kids in the area to come into our church, we take our Bible Club into the neighborhoods. Families who attend and/or are members of our church open their homes as "host homes" and can have upwards of 30 kids in their home for five mornings each year. Aaron and I had hoped to open our home but with a failed septic system, that didn't work out so well.

Honestly? I think it's turning out for the best, anyhow. Instead of having all of these children in my home (and all of the fun that can come with that!), I'm volunteering at the Everett Gospel Mission. We take NBC to the children who call the shelter their home and what fun today was. There weren't a lot of chilren - there just aren't a lot in the shelter right now (who can possibly complain about that?) - so we actually had more helpers than kids but we had a good time nonetheless. I am in charge of games and I got such a kick out of the energy those kids have that I stood there watching them and realized I'd better pray that I can keep up for a full week!!

More later...

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