Fathers' Day

A Father's Day to remember, I'm sure. Aaron was able to stroll around Safeco Field with Christopher yesterday. The Mariners' had their annual "Youth Appreciation Day" and I think almost every little leaguer in Western Washington walked in the "parade" they had yesterday. It was fun, though and I think Father's Day is the perfect day for that. So many proud Dad's certain their son is the next Griffey or Johnson or Martinez or Cora or... and the names could go on forever. It was a gorgeous day and the boys had a great time.

Christopher enjoyed learning a little bit more about baseball, enjoying his first Dipin Dots and just hanging out with his Dad (and the rest of us). Except for the fact the Mariners' lost, it was a perfect day. Baseball, I believe, will be an integral part of our family for a while. Child number one was a basketball hound (and an awesome player, I might add!) and now baseball.

My husband, by the way, is about the most wonderful man I have ever known. I find a new reason every day to love him more. He is an awesome father and I am also so grateful for how much he has tried with Chris. He doesn't pretend to try to fill the "father" role for Chris and they have definitely had their rough times but Aaron has always been respectful and decent to Chris and I think they have developed a pretty good relationship. He makes me laugh to the point of pain but can annoy me the same. The thing is, even when I'm annoyed, I still really like my husband and I have such tremendous respect for the godly man he is. He's a good man and that he loves me back is a bonus. The 18th marks our 3rd wedding anniversary and 4 years of knowing one another. And I still like him!!! We both like to joke that we're stuck with each other and feel sorry for the other one but I honestly believe he got the short end of the stick on this deal. A man who deserved a day of pride yesterday, a day to know how much he is loved and enjoyed. I'm glad we were able to spend it as we did.

I learned a new term today and I have decided it suits my husband and how much I love him. Vous et Nul Autre. It means you and no other. So...for the man who is my "you and no other," I love you and Happy Father's Day!

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