Modern Day Slavery

This is an issue so deeply ingrained on my heart, I think about it constantly. Lately, I wake up in the middle of the night trying to process a dream I just had (and most people who know me know I don't remember my dreams) and then try to get back to sleep as my mind tells me "somewhere... right now..." and I weep at how ineffectual I feel. I want those who hurt these women, children - boys & girls and even men (usually labor slaves) to be stopped, to be shamed, to be thwarted in every possible way. Some of what I read about this issue just boggles my mind. People are cruel to other people - that's been going on since the fall (think Cain & Abel) but what boggles my mind is HOW people are cruel to one another. It's as if they can't stop coming up with new ways to torture others, to take advantage of those who are weak or just weaker than they are. And children...how do you hurt children and sleep at night? Yes - I know - money (that was a rhetorical question). Grrrr!!! I can physically feel my frustration.

With that...what do I do? I continue to read and educate myself, no matter how many tears it causes me to shed, no matter how hard it is to take in because these trafficked victims are people. They have hopes, dreams, they love, they smile...and that shouldn't be taken from them. If it is, we should do everything we can to give it back. I know the only One who can make them whole again but we are His hands and His feet on this earth and it is our job to love them, protect them, help them whenever and wherever we can.

I pray. That may sound like a cop out (after all - how often do we say "I'll pray for you" and then not?) but I do. I pray constantly and I know God is preparing the way for what He wants me to do. Then I pray more because no matter what I do, it is Him who will be glorified and I have to remember I don't do this to further me at all. That creeps in there on occasion and I have to search my heart again, make sure no impure motive has crept into my heart.

Before continuing: if you are my niece or nephew - ASK YOUR MOTHER BEFORE CLICKING ON THE LINK!!!!!!! I love you more than words and don't want you to look at this stuff or read this stuff alone, ok? You need (and yes, Jonathon - this means you!) an adult to talk to about this. Not an impersonal blog. Trust me on this and respect me enough to listen to me, 'k?


This link takes you to a blog - it's full of information, links to articles, videos, etc. If you want to learn more about this issue, please - feel free to check it out. I feel very restless today. It's the kind of day that makes me want to do something reckless (like quit my job and volunteer myself full time on this) but I won't... I'll pray. And read. And prepare myself for this next week. It's a big one. Sunday is my first devotions at the shelter and then Sunday afternoon I head to Vancouver. I have to work down there on Monday but Tuesday morning I'm going to meet with someone from Shared Hope, tour their offices and get more ideas of what to do next.

I'll keep you posted here. I met with some folks from other area churches this past Monday and we're talking about forming a coalition. We'll work together, fight this horror together. We have a few ideas of what we'll do, directions we'll take, etc. Keep tuned!

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