Simple Yummy Appetizer

We host a holiday party at work every year and when we first started doing it, my boss' wife brought some of her meatballs.  Everyone said they were amazing, the yummiest they'd ever eaten, etc. so...it became a staple at the party.  Every year those meatballs show up and we've even had a few times where folks have almost fought each other over the remnants in the crockpot.

So I decided to make them for my mother-in-law's surprise 65th birthday party (We held it yesterday - a huge smash.  Details & pictures to come).  Just like the holiday party they were a hit and I have to admit - they are about the easiest things I have ever made (expect for the caprese picks).  I'll say they're the easiest hot appetizer ever.

What you need:

4 quart crockpot
1 large jar Welch's grape jelly
2 cans of no bean chili (we used Nalley Big Chunk No Bean Chili)
1 bag of Kirkland brand frozen meatballs (Italian flavor)

What you do:

Mix the jelly and the 2 cans of chili together in the crockpot.  Cook on low until thoroughly heated.  Mine took about 1 1/2 hours to warm up.

Once heated, add as many meatballs as you can to your crockpot making sure they can be covered by the jelly/chili mixture.

Cover and simmer for at least four hours, stirring every 1-2 hours, until hot.

What I did:  Once I added the meatballs, I let them cook about 1 1/2 hours and because folks were coming in another 1 1/2 hours after that, I turned them up to high for an hour and then back down to low.  By doing that everything was cooked through and hot by the time guests showed up and then turning them back down to low made sure they maintained the heat.

They were incredibly yummy and even more popular.  Of course, since I was hosting the party, I didn't take any pictures of them cooking or cooked so I apologize for my VERY boring and colorless post!!!

Pictures of the day, decorations & how well we surprised my mother-in-law to come...

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