On this Valentine's Day I want to take a moment to reflect on my family.  Both of these pictures were taken on Aaron's and my wedding day, June 18, 2005.  That's when my family was whole and happy, as far as I knew.  The following year my Nana (second picture) passed away, a year or two after that (I can't even remember anymore) my sister and I had a major argument and haven't really spoken since and then another couple of years after that Mom (top picture, turquoise dress) was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. 

Life has certainly changed direction since that day but on that day?  Life was good.  Life was really good.  We were happy and having fun and everyone was doing pretty well.

So...for Valentine's Day I'm going to spend the day with my husband, who loves me despite my many faults (and don't we all have those?) and at some point I'm going to reminisce...about all of those people I have loved and lost and a few of them I wish I could have back. 

I could tell so many stories about the people shown here but I'll just speak to the clown noses.  When Aaron & I were planning our wedding, we got married in my parents' back yard by their pond.  There was a lot of conversation about what to do if the ground was to wet and muddy (the Pacific Northwest is known for its very wet June) and one thing that was suggested was my father drive me down to the altar on the back of his tractor. 

That idea didn't thrill me... to put it mildly...

My comment, after several more ideas along the same vein, was to tell them to knock it off.  I wasn't looking to have a circus wedding!!  So...the day of the ceremony, as Aaron & I are with our pastor doing our rehersal, my family is sitting in the chairs watching and someone yells "Hey Bonnie."  I turn around and there is my family...wearing clown noses... for my circus wedding.

It was hysterical, trust me.  Not just a little funny...it was hysterical.  There they all sat, straight-faced, wearing clown noses...

Yes.  Life was good.

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