Recipe Fail...

We have an apple tree in our backyard.  We've lived in this house for five years and it has never produced as many apples as it has this year.  So far I've made apple butter and applesauce and my husband made a pie.  Apples have been yummy.
With all of this cooking, though, it was bound to happen.  I flubbed a recipe.  I don't know if something was missing from it or if I did something wrong but my beautiful cream cheese apple bread not only doesn't look at all like the picture on the recipe but the center completely collapsed. 
Here's hoping it still tastes yummy but one thing is for sure, I'm not freezing loaf number two and saving it for Thanksgiving!
 UPDATED:  I did an online search and came across the recipe on this blog and realized as soon as I read it what I did wrong.  I didn't "fold" the flour, etc. into the wet ingredients.  I mixed them.  That gives me hope...I should be able to do it again and get it right!  Here's hoping.  And...we did go ahead and try one of the loaves and the taste is AMAZING!!!  I will definitely be trying this again and trying to get it right!!

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