National {fill in the blank} Day

I LOVE a good party.  I love planning them, I love all of the work that goes into putting them together, I even love cleaning up after them.  If I could, I'd plan parties ALL the time.  I came into that love a little late, though and so "event planning" wasn't the career for me but I sure can see myself doing it.

One thing is for sure, I don't need an excuse to throw a party but I sure do love it when one is handed to me.  What I've decided, though, is I need a "party calendar" - one that shows me in advance what the "National ________ Day" is and when it's happening.

For instance - September 18th - National Cheeseburger Day.  September 19th - National Talk Like a Pirate Day.  September 26th - National Pancake Day.

Who knew?

There HAS to be something out there - somewhere - that shows all of those "National" Days, right?  All I need to do is find them all, put them together in one place and then start planning parties around the ones I like.

I mean - who wouldn't love to talk like a pirate all day?  Or eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  Who wouldn't love to celebrate with a ginormous, juicy cheeseburger after a hard day at work...

Anyone know of any other FUN "National" Days?  When and what?

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