It's Fall!!

And one of my most favorite accessories for fall is a scarf.  So versatile.  So many choices.  There almost isn't an outfit you can come up with that can't carry off a scarf...somehow.  Maybe evening gowns...

But I digress.

Fall & winter has me wearing a scarf almost every day.  Can't do it in spring & summer, they're too warm for me but the moment it cools to 60 & the rain starts?  I'm wrapping them around my neck.  Was reading through my normal blog-roll today and came across this tutorial on Emily's blog.  It's fun to watch and now I have a go-to place when I want to change up how I'm tying my scarves!  Oh how I love the internet.  And fall!!!


Heathahlee said...

I have never been able to wear scarves with panache. I wish I could, and maybe this video will help! It was fun to watch...now I have to watch it again and watch all the "other" girls as the main one is doing her scarf! :)

How are you sweet lady?

Made In The South said...

I love scarves too..Just don't get to wear them much here.
Hope you are feeling better...My hubbys back is on the mend, but I don't think it will ever be 100%.
Take Care,