England Bound...

The "big event" I've been planning and working toward for the last few months has come and gone. It was a wonderful afternoon and everyone seemed to have a good time. There was definitely plenty of food and if you're ever having a summer afternoon party? Set up an Italian Soda bar. That was a GINORMOUS hit. Everyone seemed to have fun picking a flavor and then mixing up their soda. Some went back for 2nd's, 3rd's...even 4th's so they could try the different flavors.

In case you haven't read this somewhere before, Teixeira is a beautiful young woman I've had the pleasure of knowing since she was 14 (she's now 23). The year I met her I worked with a friend of mine as a co-leader for what our church called SF-12. We were blessed to disciple four young women through a Bible study that year and it was an amazing time for me. Three of those four young women are still a part of my life and me a part of theirs and I wouldn't have it any other way. God saw fit to give me sons to raise but in those three young women He blessed me with my daughters. All three of them have turned into beautiful, poised and amazing young women.

Teixeira and her husband Andrew are leaving for England in a few short days. There, Teixeira will attend Oxford University to earn her Masters degree in Education. It is going to be an exciting year for them and I can't wait to hear about it step by step (Thank God for Facebook!).

One person I do need to mention here in a bit more detail than I normally do is Teixeira's husband, Andrew. I adore Andrew. He is an exceptional young man and I am so happy God put him and Teixeira together. Case in point: this young couple, in order to go to England, must have all of their ducks in a row to do this. That includes having every penny they will need on which to live while they are in England. If they don't have that saved, England doesn't allow them entry.

That's a bit of change - even if you are only two adults with no children.

Andrew has been working at least two but I believe three jobs for the last five months to save up as much money as possible. Three jobs. He's 21. He has put his career on hold so that Teixeira can have this amazing opportunity. He is willing to go overseas - no job, no friends, no family - and spend a year supporting his wife while she lives out this dream.

Her dream. Not his. Yet he's working his tail off to make it happen. How he loves his wife and even if he didn't possess dozens of other wonderful character traits? That one alone would make him the best in my book...

(rabbit trail: I am appalled at how heavy I am!!! Ugh. Before Kenya next year I have a LOT of work to do!)

I see young people all around me making oh-so-very-foolish choices. I hear the way they speak to one another and I cringe.

And then I look at Andrew and and I'm reminded there are still amazing young men out there. There are young men who make good role models, who are responsible and who will be good fathers.

Then I get on my knees and thank God for providing Andrew for Teixeira. She is brilliant, funny, incredible and wonderful. I adore her. It is only a man like Andrew who deserves her. He truly is good enough for her. I know he's better than I could have imagined for her.

So...to the party pictures. There aren't many because, as always, I am a bad blogger and I put my camera down to take care of guests and that's all she wrote... I also type out my typical lament: I need a better camera!

Finally - considering it was the hottest day of the summer to date, my son had plastic covering our windows until 1PM (he finished painting the back side of the house about 12:30) and despite all of my lists, boxes and planning I STILL forgot to put a few things out, everything came out pretty ok.

One last thing I need to mention, a huge thank you to Tricia-Rennea. She was incredibly generous in that she posted the aqua & yellow birds plus the balloons, the "congratulations" and "thank you" banners as clip art on her website. Free. Then... when I asked her about adding the hat and suitcase to the two birds, she did it for me, no charge. She is incredibly talented and wonderful to work with and I am just so grateful for her offering this clip art to us for free (personal use only, of course!). Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tricia!!!

Enjoy the pictures...

Can anyone see the upcoming projects in these pictures? Painting the paneling... changing the kitchen wallpaper... I see dozens!! :)
This young lady, in the blue, is Ashley. She's one of the three young ladies I was fortunate enough to get in my group. She's like Teixeira - bright, beautiful, kind and lovely in every way. Another one I love like a daughter. She deserves her own post...she's so accomplished in her own right. God sure did bless me mightily that year with these three! (The 3rd one is at YWAM in Idaho so... not too much on Oana these days!)

The pinata was a fun addition for the kids. There were a few people missing so not all of the kids I had thought were coming made it but... this worked out great for the girls who were there. I did make Teixeira take a turn before everyone else could but they all had a great time trying to break it. The candy, as melted as it was, was just a bonus. :)

The planters are from Ikea and the stickers are from Michael's. I was absolutely amazed at how much in the way of "travel" stuff Michael's had in my colors. It was like the clouds parted and the sun shone down...right on me.... That NEVER happens!!! I LOVED it!!!!

This was the family room couch as I started to figure out what went where. Notice the plastic on the window?

The Italian Soda bar in the process of being set up... again... the plastic...

I have the perfect-sized kitchen table. Until I throw a party and try to fit all of the food on it!

There is always more food than table. I don't know if you can see them in the picture but the Big Ben I found at Safeway and the red phone booth at Target. Who knew?

The "Suitcase Station." Here I had special cards printed out and asked people to write a note to T on the front and to Andrew on the back. I'll be mailing those off to them both in a few months. Hopefully it will be a good reminder from all of us who love them here at home that they're missed and the time will fly by...

The Photo Booth was meant as a fun way to send some giggles to Andrew & Teixeir while they were gone. Unfortunately, the weather chased everyone indoors and it was just too hot for people to be into the idea of being "silly" for the camera. I have some great pictures of the girls but...no one else went for it.

On the positive side, I have plenty of mustaches & lips for another party!!!

Tables set outside.... too hot for people to use.

But the Italian Soda bar was set up right next to the portable air conditioner. That became "the" spot in the house.

All in all? A GREAT day... and while I am going to miss Andrew & Teixeira while they're in England I know they're in for some amazing experiences and I can't wait to hear all about it!

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HeathahLee said...

I know y'all had a good time, and I know Teixeira and her husband will remember it always. What an adventure for them! I will treasure the time I spent in Tasmania, Australia, forever. I still have several friends from there. Have you read my posts about that? Go down to the bottom of my blog page and I have my lists of post topics. All the ones on Australia are listed under...duh...Australia. You might have to start from the bottom up. : ) They will have so many more stories, since they're staying for a year and I was only in Tasmania for two months. Tell them to take every opportunity to travel around GB, and take a gazillion pictures! I'm sure they will do both. : )