The Nester and One Awesome Giveaway

It's been a while since I've blogged about a giveaway. It just isn't something I've been all that interested in and I think I untapped a very deep well of "ooooohhhhhhh I want..." in all of that entering. Not always so flattering a look on a gal so...I backed out for a while.

This, though, is a giveaway I have to enter and talk about. Nester is offering one of the best, most fun giveaways I've seen in quite some time. Just...giggle and rub my hands together kind of fun! Hop on over to Dayspring-Danielson Design Studio and play with their new product. Create your own sign... Fun, beautiful signs and you get to design your own. And not do ANY work beyond a few clicks... Brilliant!!!

Here are a few of the designs I did:

My most favorite quote. It's from William Penn:
For Aaron's & my retirement dream home:
I know I put Aaron & I in there but... personalized wedding gift, anyone? Change the font color, change the design color... Options!
Who wouldn't be happy to have a Grandma Mae?
Our son and his Aunt have had special nicknames for each other for years. How incredibly awesome a gift would this be to get?

Oh how I hope I win!!! Which one will I choose? Oh... and right now? If you order from the website and use the code NEST2010, they'll give you 20% off of your order! What are you waiting for??? Head over there now!

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The Nester said...

I love those blue frames, and I, too am so excited about this giveaway. There are just so many possibilities, I'm going to dream about them all.