WHAT???? I mean... seriously. WHAT???? How - how - HOW do people do this kind of thing? How could people STEP OVER this man and consider the THINGS they were going to purchase more important than what injuries he might have??? I know - it was probably all over the news yesterday but I skipped the news yesterday - I figured it was going to be a "dooms day" report with the media telling us not enough people were out yesterday and didn't spend enough money so... I skipped it. This morning I learn about this and I just started to weep. Weep. HOW????? WHAT is wrong with us, people? How do we miss the.... oh ugh - when did we stop SEEING each other?????

Please... please pray. Pray for this man, his family, his co-workers and most of all pray for those who stepped over him, for those who did NOTHING to help this man.


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