My heart is heavy with the pictures that come out of Japan.  I look at the total devastation brought by the earthquake and tsumani and I can't imagine the horror of experiencing it, living through it, dealing with it.  Everything gone in an instant and worse, families gone. 

I look around my house, my neighborhood, my town and know how blessed I am but how often I slip into forgetfulness and take it for granted. 

There aren't words yet there is a need to acknowledge the disaster, pray for those who have survived, remember those who died and honor those who are stepping in to do the difficult work of cleaning up, those who continue to put themselves in harm's way to help others.

I read Japan moved 13 feet closer to the United States with this earthquake.  What incredible power.  I can't fathom what it felt like to be in the midst of a 9.0 quake and pray no one ever has to experience it again...

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HeathahLee said...

My husband and I were just talking yesterday about the pictures we had been seeing. WHERE do you begin cleaning the disaster? It just overwhelms my mind and all I can do is cry out to God to help them.

It's not the least we can do...it's the best.