An Anti-Valentine's Day Note

Sorry, folks... for those of you who absolutely "love" Valentine's Day, I won't be making you happy with this post.

My huband and I tell each other and show each other we love each other every single day.  He brings me flowers "just cause."  I know - we're rare, he's rare and I am very fortunate.

My anti-Valentine's Day rant?  It's for all of those people out there who do NOT have a Valentine for today.  I know the heartbreak, the loneliness, the sadness, humiliation...  I don't miss it and I don't wish it on anyone.

Truth is, today is about commercialism.  Buy your romance.  Buy flowers, cards, chocolates... 

What if we made today about service?  Know of an elderly person nearby?  Know a single adult?  What if we...invited them to lunch or dinner, took them a card? 

What if we dedicated the day to showing our love for He who IS love instead of spending money on chocolates we'll only sing the "hip attachment lament" for later or a card that ends up packed away somewhere? 

For the last two years, God has honored me by allowing me to put together a dinner for two of the singles' groups in my church.  This year was not meant to be but I had already started working on their gift.  I was going to frame this print I'd created and give it out to each person:

After all - for romance?  Who can provide more?

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