Pumpkin Carving 2010

We don't "do" Halloween in our house as that whole demon & devil thing is just not welcome.  There is one thing, though, from Halloween that we do and the kids find to be a ton of fun.  I know they're meant to scare away evil spirits but there is something about carving a pumpkin every year that we have to do.  Skip the whole scaring & evil spirits thing.  We love heading out into the pumpkin patch and finding that perfect pumpkin.  I love watching my kids get into it and really enjoy themselves.  

This year, my kids got a bit fancy.  Each one did something more detailed than a few triangle eyes and broken teeth.  Here are this year's creations - lit and unlit.

It was hard to send the two home with the big kids (we kept the owl, they took the other two) but it was an amazing day!

Any time honored traditions your family does in spite of not "celebrating" Halloween?

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Parsley said...

It's our tradition to go to a pumpkin patch or large garden center to pick out fall pumpkins.

I don't do scary either. I feel it's a tool against peace so if we play dress up it's only happy or funny stuff.