A Little Reminder...

I haven't posted for a little while now.  My mind has been occupied elsewhere.  You'd think that'd be the perfect time to blog, right?  After all.. writing out our daily lives and thoughts and deepest secrets is what blogging is all about.

However... it appears that when I'm in the middle of waiting and wondering, writing is the last thing I feel like doing.  Perhaps that's why I've never been consistent with the journal idea.

My annual "girl" exam was September 9th.  The following week I got a phone call that said my test results came back and there was some dysplasia.  Oh goody...  that meant I had to schedule a coloscopy and head back in on Monday.  Yup...had to wait 3 weeks for the test to see if there really was dysplasia or not.

Monday came and the coloscopy didn't show any lesions.

Thank God....

BUT...she took some surface cells and I had to wait to hear from them, to see if there really was something wrong or if it was just an unsure lab tech who was erring on the side of caution.

Thank goodness for lab techs, especially those who err on the side of caution because if it HAD been something, it would have been found REALLY early.

However...relief rules when my nurse (Tricia will always be my nurse...she really is one of my most favorite people) called me before 8:30 AM this morning to give me the good news.  Zip, zilch, zero... path came back negative.

Ahhhhhh... I want to throw a party!!!!!!

I do have to go back in six months for another pap but... ok.  I can deal with that for a while.  Been there before (I had cervical cancer when I was 25).  But it's not back so Praise Jesus!!!

And one last thing?  October is breast cancer awareness month.  Put on something pink and go get your mammogram.  I should have had my baseline 3 years ago but I finally got there.  Yesterday.  It's really not anywhere nearly as bad as the horror stories you've heard!  Sitting in the waiting room, waiting for them to come get you for the test is harder.  Really it is. 

Then... if you haven't had your annual pap in a while - schedule that, too.  What those tests can catch and prevent by just breathing through a few minutes of discomfort is incredible.  And worth your time.  In ways I can't begin to explain.  So - call.  Schedule.  Go.

Now I just wish I'd remembered that I had my camera with me.  I could have shared my experience like this one did here

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Jen Kershner said...

Waiting for test results is one of the most maddening things! I'm glad everything came out find for you.