Fallen Heroes

On November 29, 2009, three men and one woman - all police officers for Lakewood, WA, sat in a coffee shop together. Working on paperwork. Getting ready to start their day. At 8:15 AM, one very disturbed man took their lives - he took them randomly and violently - the only qualification for his kill was that they were police officers.

Evil took a step.

Today, as I watch part of the memorial procession before heading back to work, I have learned "To protect and serve" also means:

A procession of law enforcement vehicles over 10 miles long. As the fallen and their families were escorted into the Tacoma Dome today, cars from the processiona had still not left McChord Air Force Base.

Over 261 agencies sent officers to support the families - both personal and professional (the Lakewood Police Department is only five years old).

There were over 1,000 Canadian Royal Mounted Police Officers who came to show their respect.

Officers were present from places such as Alaska, California, Oregon, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New York and many, many more I'll not hear about until some mentions them in passing.

Evil has been met by a wall so large it is impossible to see it all.

As stated in one news report: The call went out... 4 down in Lakewood. Over 20,000 respond.

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