Backyard and other such updates

So...if you've been reading my blog for the last year or so (hi, honey!), you've seen my pictures of our drainfield fiasco from last summer. The one where our back yard had to have 4 trenches dug into it going fully across the yard, from one end to the other. Our contractor filled it in and then warned us - it would settle and "grow rocks" for a few years... Joy. Love. Happiness. Dancing.

On the positive side, it was no longer our house that was a danger to the neighborhood and stinkin' up the night air. That helped.

Last summer it looked like this:

This summer, with a ton of work from my older son (who has been an awesome volunteer - Thanks, Chris!) and my husband, my backyard is starting to resemble a backyard again. I'll show the finished pictures (when it's finished) but I had to share a HUGE part that is happening today. Right now, in the backyard, are my husband, my two sons and my dog. I'm not sure how much help the dog is being but the guys are digging a hole. From the house out twelve feet and about 16-20 feet long. 3 inches deep. It's going to hold all of the GRAVEL that is arriving today. Gravel. YAY!!!! Something OTHER than dirt for the dog to lay on out the back door. One step closer to having that patio we want to have.

Now...I have to tell you... the patio itself might take a while. Why? Because I can't make up my mind. Nope. Not at all. I'd show you a few of my options but the company we've been referencing for our patio is pretty explicit on their website about copyright and whatnot so I'm not risking copying any of their pictures. I've seen people overreact to my posting a few pictures on my blog before. Since those were my own personal pictures and the backlash from that was ugly, I can't imagine with copyright involved. Would mean lawyers, money I don't want to give away and an apology, I'm sure. I'll skip it.

In the meantime...just know that I'm not sure if I want a design in my patio or if I want it to have that cobblestone look or if I want slate. I'm leaning toward slate - gray slate - but I'm sure I'll change my mind in another week or so.

As I figure it out - keep watching. Aaron's 40th birthday party is coming up on the 13th and I can't WAIT to share those pictures and this project? Well... the backyard may not be set until next summer but it's going to be about 90% there this year.... YAY!!!!!

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