Friday Night Dinner - At Home

Last Friday we were exhausted.  It's been a rough couple of weeks of baby showers, family things, church things and just...life.  You know what I mean that "we've been hibernating all winter & now the weather is getting nicer so we need to wake up" type of life.

So last Friday, we wound down the week by grilling at home and can I just say that my husband is a master on the grill?  I have yet to eat anything, in 9 years of his cooking for me, that I don't just drool over.  I'm not a fan of beef but he manages to make it so tender, so absolutely yummy, that I can't help but close my eyes and sigh in absolute bliss from the first bite.

Grilling to perfection
That was this flank steak...  Then,  I added a caprese salad (this was the EASIEST side dish ever - use the marinated mozzarella balls, cut them up into quarters, do the same with cherry tomatoes, chop up a few basil leaves & add a bit of shallot - yummy.  The oil that marinates the mozzarella adds tons of flavor.) and some roasted green beans.  We sat down to dinner and the world - and all of it's stress - just melted away from our house for a few delicious hours.  If I could but do that every Friday...

Dinner Bliss!

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