Christopher arrived home, travel-weary, on Saturday afternoon.  I'll be posting a few pictures he took as soon as I can get them somewhat organized.  683 pictures is a lot to go through and since I can't sit up in my chair for too long, I'm going to be working on them for a while, I think.  I can't really work on the laptop when I'm in bed, either - the angle is wrong.  Talk about frustrating.

However.  That's about me & this is supposed to be about him.  He has made a few comments about the last two weeks being the best of his life.  These are words that make my ears sing.  I am so incredibly happy for him!  He saw so much, learned so much... now he is filtering through it all, writing it down so he can remember the details and trying to get back to normal.  Jet lag is a bit of a butt kicker...

Above all, I am so glad he was able to have this experience!!  What an amazing thing for an eleven year old boy to experience.  I can't wait to see how it affects him overall.

This trip was the highlight of our summer.  We've been laying low - between my back & still grieving Mom.  This is enough, though, seriously.  It did my heart so good to see him on that escalator at the airport on Saturday.  I knew Aaron had made the right decision in making sure we sent him.  What an awesome experience.

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