Another friend...

I think I'm starting to understand more Jesus' command that we become like children in our trust of God.  When I was little, I know I ended up witnessing some difficult situations - fights, falls, sadness, even death.  The thing is, though, I never worried about any of what I saw or heard.  I knew for an absolute certainty I had nothing to worry about - my parents were there, I was safe.  As I bring some of those situations to my mind these days, it never fails - either my mother or my father are there, standing over me and usually my brother is there with me - and we are both protected by one or the other.  Or both. 

As the news keeps coming at me, even if I don't have to live the experience, I live the heartache of knowing I can't fix things.  The latest is friends who just learned their baby has Trisomy 18.  The defects and issues this causes are so numerous I'm not even going to begin to list them.  It doesn't matter, anyhow.  What it means is their baby, if it lives to full term and survives delivery, will not live long on this earth. 

The heartbreak this means for them overwhelms me.  I can't begin to come up with the words to describe the anguish I feel hearing this so I know their sadness is without words.  We can ask the regular "why" of God but what purpose would that serve?  God is perfect in everything, He is Sovereign and He knows about this, it is not a surprise to Him and He knows what He's doing.

I have to look up at Him in the midst of this turmoil and not pay too much attention to the details.  Just...trust in Him, feel that deep feeling of content, relaxed and sure that He will handle it.  I need to do nothing more than trust in Him and it all will work out. 

It isn't known if this is a baby boy or a baby girl.  I don't know if I'll learn that or not.  All I know is now I pray for this couple and their little one and the one still yet to come...I pray for God's comfort and direction.  He will use it, I know He will and it will glorify Him in all of it.

To glorify God...that is our purpose.  By carrying this baby until God calls it home is the way my friends will glorify God.  For as long as He offers life, they will honor it.  An amazing, beautiful and wonderful gift from Him...ultimately.  Somehow.

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