Christmas Season

Am I the only one who just realized today that there are only 11 days left until Christmas?  Panic has begun to set in... 

Tomorrow is my son's "formal" at school.  The 5th and 6th graders dress up every year, bring in all sorts of yummy food and share a "formal" lunch with one another before Christmas.  It sounds tremendously exciting but it has crept up on me and now here it is, 24 hours until it happens and does my son have anything even remotely appropriate to wear?  Nope. 

In ten days we'll be at A's sister's house for our Christmas celebration with his family.  Have I so much as even given a thought to the gifts we're getting them?  Nope.  How about what it is that I'm supposed to be providing for food?  Nope.

Then...Christmas day at my house.  My son's opening their gifts, hanging out, eating all day long and then a big dinner.  Have I started to plan?  Nope.

Family gifts?  Work gifts?  Bible study gifts?  Nope.  Nope.  and... Nope.

Oh my oh my oh my... 

How I love this time of year but this year it seems to have snuck up on me and caught me by surprise. 

Hope your holiday season is going just a bit more smoothly than mine!!!!

One thing I can say, though, is last Saturday was the Spirit of Christmas luncheon at my church.  Proverbs 31:20 Ministries puts this luncheon together every year for the local shelters.  We invite the women and children in various shelters and transitional housing to our church, set tables with beautiful china and then serve them a wonderful lunch, give them gifts, spoil their children and just share Jesus with them.  It is the one event every year I ask God to make sure I can please do.  I can miss my office holiday party, various other get togethers and even cancel my cookie exchange (which I had to this year - silly broken toe) but to miss the Spirit of Christmas luncheon would be devastating.  I simply can't imagine it and I pray God allows me to continue being a part of it for years to come.

That'll be a post soon.  Posting pictures of the tables that were set.  They're gorgeous and as always, I am amazed at the creativity of women and the beauty they find in the simplest of things.  I can't wait to share!

Be blessed this holiday season, no matter how crazy or quiet it is for you (and I pray it's more quiet than crazy).  Take some time alone, even if you have to force it, to remember just what we celebrate at this time of year.  The Prince of Heaven gave up all of His riches, His throne and His power for a time to come here to earth, to be amongst us, to teach us and to love us and ultimately...to die for us.  A powerful, amazing gift words can never fully explain or describe.

Blessed Christmas and may your 2011 be the best year you have had yet!

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HeathahLee said...

Merry Christmas, Bonnie!

Your Spirit of Christmas luncheon sounds wonderful! We have a Women's Christmas party, but it's for everyone, not just the ones we're trying to minister to. I love it and would be really disappointed if I couldn't serve. I understand how you would feel that way about yours!

We're plodding along. I still have a few more things to buy and make, but I think we'll make it by Christmas. This year it's just been hard to get excited about it with Momma being gone. I had a friend catch me in Walmart and asked about her. I couldn't believe she hadn't heard. So, we stood in Walmart crying our eyes out. : )

At the same time, I think this year more than any other I've realized that the number of gifts I have under the tree don't come close to comparing with the gifts I have in my husband and son.

I can't wait to hear about the luncheon!