Well, I didn't exactly trust it yesterday but since today is an almost exact replica, I think I'm going to risk it and say our normal Pacific Northwest Summer has returned. Cloudy, upper 50's to mid-60's in the morning; sunny and mid-70's by late afternoon.

As a friend of mine said recently - for those of you who were praying for sun, thank you for turning down those prayers a bit.

It was 107 last Wednesday and we were all pretty sure we were going to melt. Or spontaneously combust. It was too hot and before all of you who live with those temps talk about how wimpy we were - remember how many places you go have air conditioning. That's the norm in places that are regularly hot. Most places here are the opposite. We rely on our marine air - beautiful breezes and thick clouds to cool us off. Not electric air.

It was a tough couple of weeks.

I'm grateful for days or relief (temperatures begin to climb again in another week), for being at a particular hardware store at just the right time (we now own a portable air conditioner - I'm just too old and too whiny to suffer through THAT again) and for all the different people I was able to meet and talk to (people actually do like to chat more when life throws a curve ball...not so wrapped up in their own routine) as we suffered together. Most of all I'm grateful for what didn't happen - no heat exhaustion or heat stroke for anyone I know or our animals. No overheating cars. No broken air conditioner at work. Those places who opened or stayed open later because they had air and could offer a safe place for people who couldn't stand the heat... the list could go on.

God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good.

Even in record heat.

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