My 7th Grade Journal

My blog is starting to take on the feel of my 7th grade journal. That year, my reading teacher required that we keep a journal. It had to be brought to class every day and we would start class by writing in it for 15 minutes. It didn't have to be fancy or deep but it couldn't be a diary. It couldn't be "yesterday I did..." unless that was a very brief sentence and the remaining time was spent writing about how that made us feel.

The blog, though, used to be an outlet for me. A place to chronicle what was happening in our lives and to vent my opinions about things. Lately, though, I have felt a severe lack of interest. It's been almost palpable. Even reading my favorites has started to lose some of its glow.

Blogs are amazing sources of information. I have gleaned so much from reading them in the last year. I've also been able to share my heart on more than one occasion but lately? Lately this feels like a choore.

So... I believe this blog is going to become a bit of a ghost town, so to speak. My prayer is that I focus on my human trafficking blog and this one... well... I may come here from time to time to record some little tidbit but I don't see my taking the time to really focus on it too much. I wanted to, it was my plan originally and even up to a month ago I thought I would be more directed in my writing but... that hasn't happened and I'm not going to fight it.

This isn't farewell just... a semi-hibernation (is there such a thing?).


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