Ideas Anyone?

So...I've had a new opportunity handed to me and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how to carry this off without spending a ton of money. See - I'm not very creative, not in the decorative sense. So much of what I do to decorate my home is a variation on an idea of something I've seen somewhere else.

This new opportunity came to me out of the blue and I know it wasn't my idea. Now - I love parties. I love to throw them, I love to go to them - I even love cleaning up after one. Cleaning up - its my chance to reminisce about the party and really cement some memories.

The opportunity involves throwing parties on a somewhat regular basis. At the area shelter where I've been volunteering with devotions/chapel. I found out Monday night that the ladies there do baby showers for their expectant moms themselves.

We're all struggling in this economy. Can you imagine how the poor are managing? There are plenty of "unexpected expenses" in their lives. When I suggested I start doing the baby showers for them, you can't imagine the looks on their faces. Every one of them in the room Monday night looked at each other with the big eyes of "can she really be serious?" The relief was almost visible.

So...that's my opportunity. I'm going to start hosting baby showers at our local shelter. My mom is volunteering to help and I've sent out a note to friends asking for their prayer and if they want to help out in any way, say the word.

Why am I posting this on my blog? Because every once in a while, someone blesses me by stopping by and reading my posts. (Trust me - I consider it a huge blessing because I'm so inconsistent with posting and I am often quite boring, I can't imagine how I'd be interesting enough to check up on every once in a while but there are a few of you who do.) When you stop and read my posts, if you have ANY idea on how to make a baby shower sweeter for the mom-to-be and it can be done inexpensively, please let me know. I may not use your idea for a few showers but if I can figure out a way to work it in, I will.

I'm also not above asking for you to add me to your prayers. This is a sweet, sweet idea given to me from God and how do I know? Because no one is doing it now and no one has ever offered to do it (at this shelter, that is) and original ideas are not my thing (remember that lack of creativity?). I'm not knocking myself - I just know myself. This is something He wants me to do and now I just pray that I am His hands and feet the way He wants me to be. I'm stepping out in faith that we won't be filing for bankruptcy because I really do love shopping for other people and babies are at the top of my list. I'm stepping out in faith that the women will show up and enjoy themselves. I'm stepping out in faith that there will always be someone to go with me and help me set up and clean up. I'm stepping out in faith that while I have no idea if there will be 2 women or 30 women, I will always have "enough" of everything.

Above all - I'm stepping out in faith that God is going to show His love to these women, especially the moms-to-be because if I try to share it without Him it can seem...well... these women are tough. They don't trust so easily. Without Him shining through me, I'm just me and without Him I'm not at all impressive.

The first shower is July 13th. Stay tuned...I hope to share a lot of pictures and stories. hmmmm.... maybe I will start having interesting things to share. In the meantime? Ideas? Resources? Send 'em my way. I have some Moms to shower and babies to celebrate!!!!

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